General Errands and Shopping

  • Dry cleaning drop off/pick up
  • Prescription drop off/pick up
  • Post office, UPS, Fed Ex drop off/pick up
  • Personal shopping
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Holiday and gift shopping
  • Shoe repair drop off/pick up
  • Meal delivery
  • Local package delivery
  • Bank deposits

Senior Services

  • Drive to appointments
  • Stock fridge, cupboards/pantry with groceries
  • Visit loved ones who are home bound or live in a nursing home
  • Pick up supplies for those in assisted living

Appointment Companion Services

  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Assist with paperwork
  • Help schedule follow up appointment
  • Pick up prescriptions on the way home

Pet Services

  • Drop pet off at groomer or vet
  • Pick pet up from groomer or vet

Auto Services

  • Bring vehicle for motor vehicle inspection
  • Pick up and deliver for car wash, new tires, oil change and other repairs

Special Occasions/Holiday Parties

  • Food delivery
  • Flower/balloon delivery
  • Last minute pre-event errands
  • After event support: rental returns, merchandise returns, etc.

Home Waiting Service

  • Wait for appliance or furniture deliveries
  • Accept packages requiring a signature
  • Wait for contractor: plumber, electrician, cable, etc.

Away From Home Service

  • Provide absentee home watch
  • Pick up mail/newspaper/fliers
  • Water indoor plants
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Open/close blinds
  • Check for broken pipes/water leaks
  • Flush all toilets
  • Ensure trash is removed from house
  • Check refrigerator for perishables
  • Run pre-departure errands
  • Deliver welcome home groceries

Realtor/Relocation Services

  • Provide sign installation/removal (if post-hole digger not needed)
  • Install/remove lock boxes
  • Courier documents
  • Deliver closing gifts

Notary Service

  • On site notary service


This list is not exhaustive. If you need something not listed, please ask. We do our best to meet your needs, as long as they are moral, legal and ethical.  Contact Us now to get started.

Errand Works is licensed and insured in the State of Virginia. We perform a Virginia State Criminal Background Check on each employee and require proof of auto insurance. Each employee is bonded and insured. All of our errand runners are Virginia State Notaries.