2018 Is Your Year to Get Organized, Manage Your Time and Improve Your Quality of Life

2018 Is Your Year to Get Organized, Manage Your Time and Improve Your Quality of LifeEach year offers a fresh start and a new list of resolutions. Have you resolved to get more organized, manage your time better or increase your overall happiness? 2018 is your year to do it. Incorporate a few of these tips into your life and you’ll be acing the new year before you know it.

Get Organized

The way to a calmer, more efficient life that doesn’t leave you frazzled at the end of every day is getting organized — everything in its place and a plan for every day. Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose a calendar system. Whether it’s a paper planner, dry erase board or online calendar, just get one and use it constantly. Schedule everything and write everything down. This will remind you of what’s going on and prevent double scheduling.
  • Review the week ahead. Make an appointment with yourself every Saturday to see what’s coming up. Make a meal plan. Go grocery shopping. Make sure you’ve purchased everything kids need for school that week. And fill everyone in on what’s going on. You might even want to turn this into a regular family meeting.
  • Declutter. While you may dread this more than anything, when everything has its own place, organization comes naturally.

Manage Your Time

2018 Is Your Year to Get Organized, Manage Your Time and Improve Your Quality of LifeWe all have the same 24 hours in a day, but some people are masters of time management. You can be too.

  • Plan your errands. Will you have one errand day a week? Certain days for each item? Again, plan these out so you aren’t running around frazzled every other day.
  • Schedule household chores. To avoid a six-foot mountain of laundry building up in the bedroom, schedule your chores, too. A load of laundry a day can prevent backup and be much more manageable than six on Saturday. Schedule cleaning for one day a week and involve the family. Create a plan that’s manageable for your household.
  • Ace grocery shopping. Never head to the grocery store without a list. You prepared your meal plan on Sunday, right? Create a list from that, as well as everything you need for the week, and only shop once (maybe twice if you need a mid-week produce run.)
  • Multitask like a pro. Review your responsibilities and think about how you can make the most of your time. If you work from home on Fridays, you can wash and dry laundry while you’re working. Could you run errands on your lunch break and save the evenings for family time? Perhaps a meal delivery service would be ideal for you family.

Improve Your Quality of Life

All of these suggestions are keys to leading an organized and well managed life. But maybe 2018 is the year you go a step further and outsource some of your chores. Personal assistants are available to handle your grocery shopping and deliver groceries to your home. They can run a variety of errands, wait at home for packages and repairmen so you don’t have to, and even handle decluttering that hall closet that makes you cringe each time you open it.

Paying for services that free up your time greatly enhances happiness and quality of life and is a smart way for you to start living your best life in 2018.


Errand Works, LLC, is a licensed, bonded and insured personal assistance company. Every personal assistant must pass a Virginia State Criminal Background Check prior to being hired. In addition, each errand runner is a Virginia State Notary. Errand Works currently serves Prince William County, Fauquier County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County and the surrounding areas.