4 Areas of Your Life to Tackle for Your Best Year Yet

4 Areas of Your Life to Tackle for Your Best Year YetHere we go again! We’re at the exciting threshold of another fresh, new year. If you’re like most people, you’ve got high hopes and big dreams for your most successful year yet. This will be the year you lose 10 pounds, snag that new job or fully organize every closet in your house, right? But do you have a plan? Have you sat down and figured out how to make those goals happen?

Just like most people start off with big expectations for themselves at the beginning of a new year, they often fail to do the most important thing to bring those ideas to fruition — create a plan. Within that plan you examine each area of your life you’re working on and set measurable goals to hit throughout the year. Here are a few areas and examples of goals you can set to make this year your best one to date!

Make This Your Most Organized Year Yet

It’s a scientific fact that a cluttered environment can cause anxiety. We’re sure you’ve got enough to worry about in your life — you don’t need added clutter! In 2019, join a 30-day or a weekly challenge to help you declutter, a little at a time. And if you need some help, consider hiring our personal assistants to help you tackle certain rooms or all of your problem areas! A tidy space can boost your productivity and your mood.

Make This Your Smoothest Year Yet

As we mention above, the key to smooth days is all in the planning. Set regular times to plan your menus and grocery list each week. Create a family schedule showing where everyone will be, and review the upcoming week each Sunday. You may even consider having a weekly family meeting Saturday or Sunday afternoon to gather input on meals, discuss supplies or errands everyone needs to have done, and look at the schedule together.

Make This Your Healthiest Year Yet

4 Areas of Your Life to Tackle for Your Best Year YetThis can be the toughest for many of us, as food prep and exercise require time. Schedule some time for these during your weekly family meetings, and respect that time as you would any other commitment. If you’re short on time, see what tasks other family members could handle for you or things you could even cut out. You can also hire our personal assistants to take care of your regular errands for you!

Make This Your Most Transformational Year Yet

And last, but definitely not least, for true fulfillment, take some time for personal development. This means different things to different people. Perhaps you want to develop your artistic and creative side — sign up for drawing or painting classes! Maybe you are focused on leadership skills to help you advance your career; find an online class or sign up for a leadership conference. You may know that lowering your stress level would be life changing for you. This could be the year to sign up for a yoga class or splurge a little on an annual subscription to a meditation app. Go after whatever personal development activities feel transformational to you!

We wish you your most successful year, and we’re here to support you through your goals. Call us for help with spring yardwork, to handle those routine auto care runs or to deliver your weekly groceries right onto your counter. Our personal assistants can tailor our services to meet your exact needs. Get started today with your first hour free! Happy New Year!


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