Errand Works: The Solution for a Simpler Life

errand serviceHello, and welcome to our new blog! This is the place where we will talk about issues that really concern you and how Errand Works fits into the equation to make life simpler. But to start, I’d like you to think about these two questions:

  1. Does your life feel like it’s spinning out of control because you have so much to do?
  2. At the end of each day, is your to-do list still a mile long?

Now, I’d like you to think about quality of life and how being overwhelmed can affect you and your loved ones, physically and emotionally.

Can you use some help?

Here’s how we do it

Errand Works provides a wide variety of services to simplify your life.

  • General errands. We can do your grocery shopping, handle dry cleaning, return library books or anything else on your busy to-do list.
  • Senior services. Our compassionate employees serve as appointment companions, drop off and pick up prescriptions, provide visitation services, stock pantries and more.
  • Pet services. Errand Works offers drop-off and pickup grooming and vet services. We can help you keep your furry loved one healthy and smelling great without the hassle.
  • Auto services. Our reliable employees can take your car to get inspected, to have the oil changed, to get washed or to have other required services done. We’ll save you time by doing the waiting for you.
  • Special occasion/party preparation. Avoid the frenzy of handling last-minute details and let us help! We can cover errands, food pickup and drop-off, decoration pickup, and rental returns and pickups. Make your event easier on you!
  • Home waiting services. Can’t be at home to sign for that package delivery? Is your cable out again and you need to be home for a four-hour window? We’ve got you covered.
  • Away from home services. If you’re headed out of town, Errand Works can cover the homestead. We pick up mail, water plants, switch lights, handle trash services and even restock your pantry before you get home. Ahhhhh.
  • Realtor/relocation services. If you’re a realtor, we can help you, too! Our employees can place signs, courier documents and deliver client gifts.
  • Notary service. Errand Works provides onsite notary services. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Safe, reliable, flexible, affordable

Many people are reluctant to hire a company like ours. We want you to feel good about choosing Errand Works.

  • We are licensed and insured in the state of Virginia. We perform a Virginia state criminal background check on each employee and require proof of auto insurance. Each employee is bonded and insured, and, conveniently, all of our errand runners are Virginia State notaries.
  • At Errand Works, we always aim to please. Our services list is not exhaustive. Remember, if you have a need, call us to see if we can fill it!
  • We want to offer each customer complete errand services at a reasonable rate.

Now go back and re-think those two questions I asked at the start of this article. Are you relieved already knowing a company like Errand Works exists? If so, call us today at 703-881-1599 or visit our contact page. Together we will build your errand management system and help you reclaim your life.

-Jennifer Wellington, Owner, Errand Works

After two decades of owning a medical transcription business, overseeing the household while her husband was deployed and managing the care of their special needs daughter, including hiring, training and scheduling multiple caregivers, Jennifer became aware of skills she had developed which would benefit others.

Jennifer has lived in Nokesville for over 20 years with her husband, Kurt, who is retired from the Coast Guard and in his 11th year of teaching middle school science in Prince William County. Their special-needs daughter, Katie, who is 28 years old, continues to live with them, with the help of several caregivers. Church and family are very important to them, as is reaching out to others.