7 Steps to the Perfect Birthday Party

birthday partyKids LIVE for their birthdays, don’t they? Sometimes the countdown starts six months out. This excitement and fun is something to be treasured, and when their special day finally arrives, you can throw them the perfect party. All it takes is a little planning.


First, you’ll need a theme. It can be as specific as a character your child loves or as broad as “tropical” or “space.” If your child isn’t bursting at the seams to choose a theme, think about what he/she likes and share some ideas. If kids are into dinosaurs, try a dinorific party. If your princess loves everything sparkly, have a ball fit for a queen.


Now it’s time to decide who to invite. Your child may want to invite everyone he or she knows. While this is a kind gesture, you’ll need to help narrow down the list. Aim for a number that feels comfortable to you.

When deciding on invitations, you can find something printable online, get custom invitations made through a place like Etsy, buy them from a party store or go eco-friendly and send them through a site like eVite.com.


Where will you have your perfect party? Home may be great for many families, but other parents might welcome the idea of having someone else handle the setup, clean up and running of the party. Some popular sites include inflatable play places, toddler gyms, bowling alleys, mini golf courses, arcades, sports complexes, science centers and more.


Depending on your venue, you may need lots or very few decorations. If you’re opting to have your party outside your home, some simple balloons and goodie bags may suffice. If you’re staying in, perhaps you want to go a little more elaborate with the décor. Do a search on Pinterest with your party theme and have fun digging through the creative, and often low-cost, ideas out there.


Food can be a major or minor player in your child’s birthday party. You may want to have the party at a mealtime, or you may prefer the simplicity of just snacks, cake and ice cream at a mid-afternoon party. Provide some finger foods like a veggie tray, Goldfish, fruit, or cheese and crackers for those who wish to munch before cake time.


How will you keep the kiddies busy? If the party is at a venue other than your home, you likely won’t have to worry about this. Bonus! But if you’re home, you’ll want to create some semblance of order amidst the chaos. Traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey (or some variation), scavenger hunts, relay races, hot potato, musical chairs or sports-related games still go over well. Be sure to plan in some free play time, too! Overscheduling can make the party feel too rigid and you a little crazed.

Recruiting Help

It’s not easy to coordinate all of those party logistics. Call in the family troops or hire an errand runner to help you with the details. Helpers can pick up food trays, snacks and the cake, transport any rental items, assist with decorations, assemble goodie bags and even run games. Don’t try to do it all on your own.

And there you have it – the seven keys to super birthday party. If you need help putting all those pieces together, contact Errand Works. Our experienced errand runners can help you assemble the perfect bash in no time.