Is Running Your Own Errands Really Saving You Money?

time is money errandsIt’s not just a common expression – it’s a commonly known fact: time is money. There are few things more precious than your time. But do you find yourself in a constant hamster wheel running errand after errand? I know a cycle like that can cause me to feel frazzled and disconnected from the ones I love — the ones I would really like to be spending my time with. It’s worth evaluating whether or not you are really saving money running all of your household errands yourself. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

Taking Mom to Appointments

You love her, so when she has an appointment you do your best to find someone to go with her.

  • If that person is you, you likely have to take off work, pay for gas and get nothing else done for the majority of your day. You can feel that to-do list calling to you from your desk, can’t you?
  • If you hire someone from an agency, you’re likely paying high rates to have a nurse or someone who is overqualified for the job sit with mom. This can quickly put a hurting on your budget.
  • If you let her go alone, she may not be able to fill out paperwork correctly or absorb all of the information from the doctor, leaving you to make phone calls to help her sort things out later. And we all know how fun it is to track down doctors and sort through medical bills.

There is an easier and more affordable solution. Errand Works offers competitive rates for medical appointment companions. They can help with paperwork, ensure all details come home with Mom and answer questions you may have. Each employee has passed a complete background check and is licensed and bonded. We only employ the best people — people we would send out with our moms.

Party Preparation

So much has to come together in order to throw that perfect shindig. Here’s what happens to many of us:

  • You schedule the cake and food pickup at the same time you’re expecting a delivery.
  • You remember you never bought that new ice bucket you needed and have to run out.
  • You schedule the maid service, the carpet cleaner and the handy man at the same time, so they all take longer than expected and delay decorating.
  • You realize you forgot to purchase napkins and have to run out. Again.
  • You burn your homemade hors d’oeuvres and have to run to Costco to get their mini quiches.
  • You run out of streamers and….you guessed it….you have to run out. But the carpet cleaner guy is STILL going. What to do?

Again, there is a solution to make your party prep experience more pleasurable. Errand Works runs errands, such as picking up cakes, party food and more. When you work with us, you can sit down and really take your time planning your list; then let Errand Works take care of it for you while you decorate or straighten up. Or if you’d prefer to do the errands yourself, one of our reliable employees can stay at your home to wrangle all of those service providers and accept your delivery.

We often believe that a do-it-yourself situation is better and cheaper, but look at it from a different angle. Running to and fro all the time costs you in many ways – stress, loss of time with family, the need to take time off of work, gas. Take a deep breath and call for help when you need it. We’re here to help you simplify your life!

After two decades of owning a medical transcription business, overseeing the household while her husband was deployed and managing the care of their special needs daughter, including hiring, training and scheduling multiple caregivers, Jennifer became aware of skills she had developed which would benefit others.

Jennifer has lived in Nokesville for over 20 years with her husband, Kurt, who is retired from the Coast Guard and in his 11th year of teaching middle school science in Prince William County. Their special-needs daughter, Katie, who is 28 years old, continues to live with them, with the help of several caregivers. Church and family are very important to them, as is reaching out to others.