How to Throw the Block Party of the Century (Without Getting Frazzled)

partyHave you ever lived in a neighborhood where no one knew anyone’s name? It’s a pretty common experience, especially in our transient society. That’s why some people swear by block parties.

Block parties can differ widely in size and activities, but the goal is usually the same: Bring people together. If you’re looking to strengthen relationships with those who live in your cul de sac, neighborhood or a larger area within your community, throwing a block party is a great way to build that sense of community. Here’s how to get the party started!


Before you start purchasing, plan the basics:

Who: The first thing you need to determine is who will be invited. Is the party just for your street? For your entire neighborhood? Or for an even larger group?

Where: Whose street will you hold the party on? Do you need any permits?

What: What food will you serve? Will you have music or a theme? Alcohol? Will there be a charge per family, or will it be potluck style? You could consider providing the meat and fixings, while asking attendees to bring side dishes. (SignUp Genius works great for organizing sides!)

When: Set your date and time, and consider including a rain date.

Create Your Invitation

Invitations can be as fancy or as simple as you want! Think about your event and what fits it best. If it’s just the neighbors, would an eVite be appropriate? If it’s a really large group or you don’t have your neighbors’ email addresses, maybe a flier would better suit your needs. Don’t forget to provide RSVP information so you have an estimate for purchasing supplies. Then…disperse!

Get Down to Details

In order to cover all of the logistics, sit down with a pad of paper and think through your event from beginning to end. When people arrive, will they see decorations or hear music? Make a list of decorations to purchase and ask for recommendations for DJs on social media. Will you put out games and activities? You could rent games if it’s a larger event, but for smaller ones, ask each family or couple to bring their favorite yard/outdoor game instead. Teens or local art students might provide face painting or run games for kids. Get creative!

Apply for any needed permits and ensure there will be enough parking. If you’re unsure, call your local county office or the police department for assistance.

Make sure you plan to have enough food and paper products. You could use SignUp Genius to have people sign up for anything you want, but be sure to check it the week of the event to see what’s left for you to sign up for. Pretend you’re going through a cookout line and think of everything you would want to put on your plate. Do you have it all covered?

The Day of the Event

The day is finally here! Thanks to your excellent planning, you’ve got everything covered, right? Plan your schedule for the day to factor in picking items up, meeting any vendors coming, decorating and laying out food. Ask for help if you can’t fit it all in, especially as you get closer to go time. Friends and family are always happy to help bring a special event together. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Enjoy your event and remember you’re doing more than throwing a fun social event with a block party — you’re strengthening bonds within your community. Bringing people together is what it’s all about.

If you’re planning a block party and could use some help with the details, give Errand Works a call. We can pick up food and decorations, help at the event itself, stick around post-event and prevent you from becoming frazzled on your busy day! You can even request an errand runner for the day prior to the event, before you are sure what errands you will need.  Contact Us now, and start checking things off of your to-do list!