9 Fall Maintenance Tasks to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

9 Fall Maintenance Tasks to Get Your Home Ready for WinterThe nip in the air and color in the leaves means apple cider, nights around the fire and plenty of pumpkins — on porches AND in pies! This time of year is also when you should start thinking about some annual maintenance for your home to prepare it for the winter. We’ve got your top nine tasks to check off your list before the big chill sets in.

1. Trim the Branches

Take a look at your trees and shrubbery. Are there places where branches are touching or overhanging the roof? Are shrubs blocking walkways or windows? Enjoy the fall weather and do some trimming (or hire someone to come take care of it). You don’t want those branches getting weighed down with snow and landing on your home!

2. Rake the Leaves

Encourage spring lawn growth and winter safety by clearing your yard, porches and walkways of the leaves. Leaves can pose slipping hazards on walkways and prevent that beautiful spring green you long to see in March.

3. Check Your Detectors

Twice a year, you should check the batteries in your smoke, CO2 and/or radon detectors. Make sure they are all in working order. And put it on your calendar to take care of this task each time you adjust your clocks for daylight saving time.

4. Care for the Chimney

Schedule a chimney cleaning before you light your first fire of the season. If you don’t have a chimney cap, this is also a great time to get one and deter critters from coming inside for warmth!

5. Seal Holes

Speaking of critters, take a walk around your home looking for any cracks and crevices that animals could use to enter and snuggle up in your home this winter. Now is the time to get them closed up! Check the seal on the bottom of your garage door and replace if needed.

6. Keep Out the Cold

Once you’ve finished searching for obvious holes, check for spots where you’re losing heat, as well. There are a variety of energy efficiency companies who can provide a thorough review of your home. If you’re DIYing, feel for cold air coming in around windows and doors and add weather stripping. If there is major energy loss, you may want to consider new windows or doors.

7. Clear the Gutters

Once the last leaf has fallen, plan time to clean out your gutters or schedule someone to do it for you. Make sure the downspouts are clear of debris, as well. When gutters are clogged, water can pool and damage roof and siding.

8. Inspect Your Roof

Climb up and check out the condition of your roof, or schedule someone to take a look. Check for missing or loose shingles and improper seals. You want to be sure your roof is ready to protect you from mounds of snow this winter!

9. Check Entranceways

Last but not least, test stairs and railings at all of your home’s entrances. You’ll want sturdy surfaces if you have to wade through ice or snow. Repair loose boards and handrails to keep you and your family safe.


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