Ace Your Time Management This Fall

Ace Your Time Management This FallBack-to-school season can be a major jolt to the system after the leisurely, fun-filled days of summer. Now you’re adding sports practices, chess club, tutoring, church functions, school and more to your once lightly-written-on calendar. It’s easy to feel stressed and flustered with the changes. Instead, decide that this is the perfect time for you and your family to ace your time management.

Check out our tips for success and rock this back-to-school season — and all the rest of the seasons, too!

Prioritize Like a Pro

There are so many demands on your time, so it’s essential to purposefully prioritize. Keep a to-do list and each day, select your top three must-dos. These are your most important tasks to get done that day. If you’re looking at your list and thinking you have to get everything done, ask yourself which three might cause some serious issues if you don’t tackle them first.

Always plan to do your most important tasks of the day first. We know it’s easy to put them off, but don’t allow that procrastination fairy to win. You should also plan to keep your to-do list in one place. No more sticky notes on the fridge, a few reminders in your phone and a ping on your Outlook calendar. Keep them all together in a designated notebook or app.

Use Time Wisely

This is a tough one. With all the devices, children, coworkers, family and friends calling out for our attention, it can be really tough to stay focused these days. But you can succeed with a few adjustments. Set designated times each day for checking email or making phone calls — perhaps once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. Schedule device-free times and turn off cell phone notifications for a period of time each day. If you’re struggling to stick to those limits, use tools to help you. There are computer programs and apps that can limit your access during times you set up. These make it a little more difficult to cheat. Time Management Ninja offers us a great reminder: “Always remember that your phone is there for your convenience … not others’.” Learn to say no in order to stay focused.

Get Organized to Be More Successful

Ace Your Time Management This FallResearch shows that a tidy environment can boost productivity. Give yourself the gift of a clear desk every day by promising to never leave the office without straightening it for the morning.

Manage Stress to Better Manage Your Time

We hear about stress everywhere we turn these days, because most of us live our lives at an exhausting pace. To see an increase in productivity and efficiency, you need to intentionally work on your stress levels. Meditation and exercise work wonders!

Plan Your Time Management for Tomorrow

Before you go to bed each night, take a few minutes to decide what tomorrow is going to look like. Rework the next day’s to-do list, and choose your top three priorities. Visualize moving successfully through your day. And get up tomorrow and ace that time management once again!

Plan Your Errands to Maximize Time Management

Have you ever felt like you were running in circles trying to tackle all the errands on your list? You might have been. Time management aces even plan out their errands. Make a list of the places you need to go, think about a logical route and prevent wasted driving time. It’s also helpful to schedule a certain day of the week as your errand day. Keep an ongoing list throughout the week and handle them on your scheduled day.

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