Appointment Companions: Helping Caregivers Help Their Loved Ones

Appointment Companions: Helping Caregivers Help Their Loved OnesAt Errand Works, we understand what it’s like to care for an elderly or disabled family member. They need your assistance and often rely on you to help them complete many of their day-to-day tasks, including accompanying them to appointments. When I founded Errand Works, you and your loved ones were some of the folks I had in mind. I know what it’s like to be a caregiver — both rewarding and challenging. Some days you feel like you wouldn’t change a thing and other days, guiltily, you’d like to escape to another planet where it’s just you, some soothing music and a great place to take a nap. I get it, I’m with you and Errand Works is here to support you.

How Errand Works Helps Caregivers

Errand Works offers a variety of services to support caregivers in our communities, but providing appointment companions is one of my favorites. I know when I’ve taken loved ones to appointments, it’s taken half to a full day. Family members often have to take off of work, get behind on their workload and even have to play catch up on their personal errands and chores. It can be physically and emotionally taxing.

However, I also know that it’s a near necessity that our elders and loved ones with disabilities have someone there for them at all appointments. Let me tell you why:

  • They may need someone to drive them.
  • They may require physical assistance.
  • Directions to and from the office could be overwhelming and make them anxious.
  • Many require assistance understanding and filling out paperwork.
  • They could use someone to speak up on their behalf about their benefits.
  • It’s helpful to have someone else listening to and interpreting doctors’ instructions.
  • Sometimes they need assistance planning out and scheduling their next appointment.
  • They need assistance picking up and reviewing their medications.
  • Sometimes, they just need a little comfort and reassurance.

What Appointment Companions Can Do

Appointment Companions: Helping Caregivers Help Their Loved OnesSo now I’ve told you that I understand why it’s overwhelming handling and attending your loved one’s appointments, yet I’ve told you having someone there is a big deal. Am I laying on a guilt trip? Definitely not! I’m letting you know that Errand Works’ appointment companion services were designed for you. We know what you’re going through and realize all you’re likely juggling. And we can help! When you hire one of our appointment companions, you’re getting more than a taxi driver. Here’s what our loving companions provide:

  • Comfortable transportation to and from appointments
  • Assistance in and out of the car and to and from the office
  • Help with paperwork and insurance information
  • Support during the appointment, including help understanding doctors’ orders and setting the next appointment
  • Prescription pick up on the way home
  • Conversation and reassurance throughout their time together

When you schedule Errand Works to accompany your loved one to an appointment, you’re calling an experienced, caring, vetted employee who will be 100 percent dedicated to your loved one. All of our employees strive to provide comfort and connections to our clients.

Give us a call to cover the next appointment. Our dedicated employees will provide your loved one the confidence and assistance they need, while giving you peace of mind.

Errand Works, LLC, is licensed, bonded and insured. Every errand runner must pass a Virginia State Criminal Background Check prior to being hired. In addition, each errand runner is a Virginia State Notary. Errand Works currently serves Prince William County, Fauquier County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County and the surrounding areas.