Balancing Life in the Sandwich Generation

Balancing Life in the Sandwich GenerationFor many, the start of a new year is an optimistic, fresh start — a clean slate with wide-open possibilities. For many members of the sandwich generation, the start of the new year can feel just like any other day — overwhelming and stressful. Are you ready to change that? This year, create a list of priorities, and make sure that YOU are a priority! Your list may look something like this.

Get organized.

Clutter and disorganized spaces create anxiety and reduce your productivity. If you want to see a marked change in your world this year, tidy up your spaces, take charge of your calendar and maintain these commitments.

Commit to planning.

We’ve said it before, one giant key to a smoother life is committing to planning ahead. Plan your weekly meals — breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make a grocery list and shop once a week. Pause on Sunday to review the upcoming week’s schedule. Can you get everyone where they need to go? Are there any accidental conflicts? While you’re planning, plan which errands and tasks you can delegate to family or  a personal assistant. If you want it to happen, plan it.

Make time for personal development.

Personal development sounds fancier than it has to be. Perhaps there is a book on photography you’ve been wanting to read or a workshop on kundalini yoga you’d like to experience. Personal development includes things like meditation and mindfulness, both of which can help ease the stress of members of the sandwich generation. Taking a caregiving seminar or joining a support group can also help lessen your load, expand your network and enhance your personal toolbox. Personal development time is time in which you focus on yourself and learn something of value to you. Remind yourself that you valuable and expand your mind this year.

Focus on health.

Balancing Life in the Sandwich GenerationIf you’re getting organized, planning out your week and making some time for personal development, you’re already thinking about becoming healthier. These three things alone can reduce your stress levels and make life more manageable. Focusing on your health doesn’t mean you have to put everything else on hold to exercise for two hours a day or cook every meal from scratch and with kale. Start slowly and add additional fruits and vegetables to your grocery list and meal plan this week. Add more steps to your day by getting up and moving every hour, or ask a family member to walk the dog with you after dinner a few nights a week.

Put relationships first.

When we’re overwhelmed by our lives, it’s often our relationships that suffer. In 2019, schedule time with people who are important to you. Resolve to do something one on one with each of your children every week. Set a monthly date night with your significant other. Schedule one dinner a month with a favorite friend. And don’t forget the parents you are caring for. So often when you become the caregiver, your relationship becomes all about what you must do for them. Enlist some help from friends or a personal assistant to free you up to be the fun person instead sometimes. Take a parent out for a fancy dinner, go to a play or go to a child’s sporting event. Fun times make the tougher times easier.

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