Cut the Clutter and Find Your Zen

messy_roomClutter can be overwhelming, but did you know that it can actually affect your health? When you live or work in a cluttered environment, your stress levels may be higher, your productivity and focus can be lower and it can zap your energy! No one has time for that. But looking around can be almost paralyzing when the job is so big that you don’t know where to start. Here’s our best plan for sorting through the clutter and creating your most productive environment.

Achieve Your Zen Through Zones

On a sheet of paper, separate your home into zones. Bedrooms could be one zone, kitchen and pantry another, bathrooms, etc. Each week for the next month, plan to work in a zone or two.

For each zone, you’ll need to create lists of areas to declutter. Your kitchen decluttering list could look something like this:

  • Pantry
  • Under stove
  • Cabinets
  • Refrigerator
  • Island
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Microwave cart

When it’s time to work in each zone, check off each area as you finish.

The Zen Approach

This time your decluttering will be different. Don’t just open the cabinet a sliver, peek inside and settle for throwing away one or two items. NOPE! That’s not enough. You’re going to touch everything in every zone. When you attack the pantry, take everything out shelf by shelf. Look at it, consider when the last time was that you used it and check the expiration date. If you have a mighty-fine collection of non-perishable food you will never use, share it with the local food bank and free up space in your pantry. And it goes without saying, throw out the old stuff.

As you put things back, consider a logical way for organizing. Put baking items together. Place items you rarely use on the top shelf or toward the back. Get a bin for all of those loose spices. Make your space neat and easy to use. If everything has a place, there’s a much better chance of you maintaining order. Repeat this in every zone.

The Zen of Donating

As you work through each area of your home, sort items into three piles — keep, toss, donate. Look around you and realize how much you have to give that would bless others. Remember to look at EVERYTHING in each cabinet, drawer, nook and cranny. Do you need 12 blankets or could you take four to a homeless shelter? Do you need enough sweaters to clothe four people for three weeks? Take a few of those along to the shelter, too.

When you declutter AND donate, you’re creating a powerful force in your life. Tidiness and generosity both create high levels of peace and satisfaction. You’ll be all Zen and productive in no time flat. Just jump in and feel the power.

Decluttering can be an overwhelming task. Errand Works is available to help you with your clean-out related errands. We can run your donations to various charities around town, collect your tax receipts and return them to you. Focus your attention on your home, and let us help you with your tidying mission. Contact us today.