Earth Day: Celebrating With Seniors

Earth Day: Celebrating With SeniorsThere are all kinds of posts out there with ideas for celebrating Earth Day with kids, but seniors can celebrate Earth Day, too! Since many of our “green” efforts didn’t really get into full swing until fairly recent years, the true meaning of Earth Day may not be as meaningful to some seniors as it is to your generation or your children’s. Share your passion and find ways to spend quality time with your parents or grandparents. Here are some ideas.

Activities for Celebrating Earth Day With Seniors

Earth Day celebrations don’t have to require a lot of planning and effort. Our list has both involved ideas as well as simple ones where you just show up. What will you try out this year?

  • Plant a tree. Or a garden, flower bed or a new window box that your loved one can enjoy from their favorite chair. To make planting easier, look into simple raised beds and therapeutic gardening tools.
  • Make a recycling plan. You or your children could take this time to educate your loved one about recycling programs in your area. Buy a bin, register them for pick up and explain the difference recycling can make. This is a wonderful intergenerational activity!
  • Volunteer as a clean-up crew. Whether it’s official through an Adopt a Highway program or unofficial in your neighborhood or nearby park, the Earth, and your neighbors, will thank you for volunteering to clean up litter. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day With a senior.
  • Replace lightbulbs in their home. Newer, more energy efficient light bulbs can really make a difference in your energy bill and in how frequently you have to buy them. Teach your loved one about them and help them replace at least some in their home.
  • Clean out closets. This may not sound like an Earth-friendly activity but ensuring the items don’t go into a landfill is! Group the donations into piles for particular charities and spend the afternoon blessing organizations with the belongings. Less clutter means a more manageable and safer home for your senior, and donating gives a second life to those unneeded items!
  • Go to an Earth Day event. Check local listings for various Earth Day celebrations near you. There are a variety in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area. They include crafts, art fairs, group clean-ups and live music. Celebrate the Earth in grand fashion!
  • Share stories. If you have younger children, take them to the library with your senior to check out books about Earth Day and caring for the Earth. Take them home and share them together. Books are always a great option for bringing people together.

Earth Day: Celebrating With SeniorsHowever you celebrate, we at Errand Works wish you a happy Earth Day. We’re grateful to serve Northern Virginia seniors (and everyone else, too!) with errand-running services throughout the year. For general errands, home-sitting services, senior assistance and more, give us a call to discuss your personalized errand management system. We look forward to serving you!

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