What is an errand service?

An errand service takes care of the errands that you either don’t have the time for or would simply prefer not to do.  Errand Works will do errands which seem to consume much of your life or that don’t ever get done, giving you time to pursue the activities which matter the most to you.

Who can use an errand service?

Everybody!  Senior citizens, busy families, new parents and small businesses can all benefit from our services. Errand Works will help you reduce the amount of chaos in your life.

What areas do you serve?

Errand Works currently serves Prince William County and surrounding areas.

How do I schedule errands?

It is as simple as calling us at 703.881.1599 or going to our Contact Us page.

How many days in advance do I have to schedule errands?

While we prefer at least a 24-hour notice for most errands in order to meet the needs of all of our customers, we understand that this is not always possible.  We will make every effort to accommodate same-day requests, so please don’t hesitate to call whenever you have a need.

Can you drive me to an appointment?

Absolutely.  We will drive you to medical appointments, help you with paperwork, take notes from your doctor and get you safely home.  We request as much advance notice as possible for these services.  

Can you pick my pet up from the vet, groomer or doggie daycare?


How do I know that I can trust your errand runners?

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that our errand runners have the highest moral and ethical standards.  Errand Works performs a Virginia State Criminal Background Check on each employee.  We also require proof of automobile insurance.  Each employee is bonded and insured. Additionally, all of our errand runners are Virginia State Notaries.

Can you promise me the same runner each time?

Although we do our best to keep the same few runners with several customers to build trust and strong relationships, we cannot promise you the same runner each time.  You may, however, request a certain runner, and we will do our best to accommodate this request.

Is Errand Works insured and licensed?

Yes, Errand Works is insured and licensed to do business in the State of Virginia.

What happens if it snows?

Errand Works will make every reasonable effort to complete your errands, even during inclement weather. However, we cannot put our employees at risk. We will contact you to discuss rescheduling your errands if they cannot be completed as previously arranged.

In the event of a major weather event, we will put an announcement on our Home page regarding our operating status.

How much does an errand cost?

The hourly charge begins at $50/hour, with a two-hour minimum. We encourage you to schedule several errands at once to make the most of your investment.   

At the completion of services, you will be given a detailed invoice of the services provided, as well as receipts for anything purchased on your behalf.  Full payment is due at the completion of services.  

Do I have to pay extra for mileage?

Mileage is calculated at the current government rate.  

How do I know how long my errands will take when I place my order?

Upon obtaining the details of your request either by phone (703.881.1599) or via the Contact Us page, we will give you an estimate for the amount of time needed to complete your request.  

Do I need a membership to use this service?

No membership or long-term commitment is required. Our services are available on an as-needed basis. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, checks (for established customers), Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.  Full payment is due at the completion of services. 

What can I do if I am unhappy with my service?

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Please call us at 703.881.1599 if you have any questions or concerns about the service you received. We will do our best to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.