Get Your Photos in Order During National Photograph Month

Where do you store your photos? Are they in a bin in the attic, a drawer in the hallway, on your computer or stored in your phone? If you’re like most of us, your precious memories aren’t organized or stored in a way that will preserve them for generations to come. If that eats at you, it’s time to take charge and get them organized, once and for all.

We realize it’s a daunting task, but it’s certainly one that’s worth your time. You have taken time to capture precious memories, and perhaps so have generations before you. Store them so that future generations to come can continue to enjoy them. Whether your collection is digital, printed or a combination of both, we’ve got some tips for getting them in order.

Organizing Digital Photos

Get Your Photos in Order During National Photograph MonthMore and more of our photo collections these days are digitized. It’s wonderful not to have the paper clutter around, but it can be a chore to sort through a mess of disorganized files when you’re looking for a particular image. You can solve this!

  1. Make it a habit to download photos from your phone or camera to your computer at least once a month.
  2. Create a photo management system or use a computer program to organize them.
  3. When you download, edit as you go and delete duplicates and poor shots.
  4. Give each photo a descriptive name, deleting the random numbers assigned by your camera or phone.
  5. As part of your management program, set up files for sorting. You can name them with the month and year they were taken, title the folders by important events or file by seasons, depending on how many photos you take. Do what makes sense for you. If you chose to name them by dates, use numbers so your computer will save them in order.
  6. Once you’ve got them organized, don’t forget to back them up. Nothing’s worse than a computer crash that takes all your precious memories with it! Try Dropbox, Google photos or Flickr. You can also chose to print them.
  7. When you’ve completed the download, erase your camera or phone to create space for more great shots!

Organizing Print Photos

Get Your Photos in Order During National Photograph MonthIf you have piles and piles of photos that span multiple generations, the work ahead of you might be a bit more intense. Just dedicate a few minutes a day to working through your photos.

  1. Decide how you’re going to organize them. Do you plan to use photo albums, photo boxes or a photo filing system?
  2. As you sort, part with the blurry shots, multiples and those that just don’t carry enough memories to keep.
  3. Write dates on the back of each in a pencil using light pressure. Include the names of people in each photo, too.
  4. If you’re using albums, label them with a year and even a description of what important events each album contains. For a filing system, label by month or year and jot a few notes on the front of the divider to make searching for specific shots easier.
  5. Whether you choose albums, boxes, frames or filing systems, make sure all materials are acid free, or they can ruin your photos.
  6. Store your pictures in a dry, climate controlled area – not the attic or basement! And if you frame some shots, make sure they aren’t hanging in direct sunlight.

Before you know it, you’ll have an organized collection of photos that will be the envy of your friends. Organizing pictures is one of those tasks everyone would like to have done, but we often can’t find the time to get to it.

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