Handle the Holidays — and the Stress!

Handle the Holidays — and the Stress!It’s that time of year where everything’s aglow, family surrounds you and the optimism of a fresh new year is just ahead. Seriously? Is that really how you’re feeling throughout the holidays? It all sounds wonderful, but the reality for so many of us is more like this: a list of to-do’s that definitely can’t be checked off before the relatives arrive, a stress level that’s far higher than Santa’s sleigh could fly and a living room that looks more like an Amazon warehouse, cause who’s had time to wrap presents?!

If you’re relating more to that second list, it’s OK! You’re not alone and we’ve gathered a few tips and ideas to help you through.

Re-evaluate Your To-Do List

Pick up that endless list and take a good, hard look at what you could cut. Do you really need to bake five varieties of cookies or would two do? Could another family member handle some wrapping? (And yes, we know their bows will not be as perfect as yours. Let it goooooo! Let it goooooo!) And could you hire a personal assistant for a few hours to tackle your everyday errands or last-minute holiday shopping run? We have assistants available, and your first hour is free!

Find One Hour for Yourself

Yes. Yes, you can. Delegate, cut or hire as mentioned above, and take an hour of peace just for you. Drink tea by the fire while your faithful canine companion rests on your slippers, and resemble those perfect, picturesque holiday images, if only for a moment. Read a book without interruption. Or turn off the Christmas music and blast some Bon Jovi for a few minutes if you just need to temporarily escape the holiday madness altogether.

Be Kind to Yourself

Let’s consider everything you are doing. You’re making Christmas magic for your kids, bringing all the family together, contributing to your community and many other things. We say it’s OK to cut yourself some slack if the eggnog is a little runny or you forgot to pull Aunt Edna’s hideous Christmas decoration out of the attic to hang before she came over. Life will go on; Aunt Edna will get over it and you can still be merry. Talk to yourself as you would a friend. “Good job! You’re rocking this holiday business!”

Let Someone Else Disassemble

Handle the Holidays — and the Stress!Once the mistletoe has dried up, the New Year confetti has been thrown and life seems to be heading back to normal, it’s also OK to look at all those decorations with a bit of disdain. Who REALLY wants to face the take-down and unpacking anyway? Treat yourself to some help. Give us a call now to book a personal assistant to do it all for you!

During the holidays and all year long, Errand Works is here to support you with our personal assistants. From party preparations to routine auto care appointments, we can help make 2019 your most successful and relaxing year yet! Contact us today to get started. Happy holidays!


What Our Customers Are Saying …

May 18, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

“Jennifer of Errand Works is amazing. I hired her to assist me with prepping my house for sale. In one day we were able to clean and organize the kitchen cabinets and drawers, pantry, laundry room and hall closets. I was so impressed with the care she took to wrap and pack items being stored. Jennifer is easy to get along with, friendly, trustworthy, and dependable. She worked independently and then side-by-side with me to help me stay on task without being pushy. Well worth the money, I have already hired her again. I will also have Jennifer assist me with packing the house when it sells.” – Delaine W.


Errand Works, LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured personal assistance company dedicated to improving quality of life for professionals, caregivers and other busy individuals. Every personal assistant must pass a Virginia State Criminal Background Check prior to being hired. In addition, each personal assistant is a Virginia State Notary. Errand Works currently serves Prince William County and the surrounding areas. Call today to schedule your appointment! You’ll get one hour of service free!  (703) 881-1599