Holiday Home Decorating Hacks to Reduce Stress and Add Glitz

Holiday Home Decorating Hacks to Reduce Stress and Add GlitzAs exciting as the holidays can be, thinking about decorating your home can feel a little daunting sometimes. There’s the tree to lug out, the lights to test, the garland to drape and the ornaments to hang with the kids (and then rearrange when they aren’t looking!). It’s a lot.

This year, try these holiday home decorating hacks to decorate like a pro and reduce your stress! You’ll leave your friends wondering just how you do it!

Ace the Christmas Scents

Want your home to smell inviting to guests and have them feeling cozy and welcomed the moment they walk in? Boil a pot of water on the stove. Throw in the rinds of an orange or clementine, three cinnamon sticks and a few cloves. You’ll be saying “Ahh” and feeling festive before you know it!

Create Your Own Outdoor Trees

At the end of the summer, are you left wondering how to store your tomato cages? Well pull them back out and create some Christmas trees! Trim them to varying heights, wrap them with garland and lights, and top with a bow. You’ll have your own festive front yard décor in a flash.

Spruce Up a Charlie Brown Tree

Has your tree seen better years? Don’t head out into the stressful holiday crowds just yet. Grab some garland from the attic instead and weave it into the bare spots. It will blend in well and fluff up the empty spots perfectly!

Prevent the Dreaded Tangled Ribbon

Instead of throwing your wrapping ribbon into a drawer, buy a cheap stand-up paper towel holder instead. Drop spools of ribbon onto the holder, one on top of the other. You’ll keep everything together and out of a knot, making wrapping beautiful presents far less frustrating.

Make Outdoor Lights Stick Where You Want Them

If you’ve spent time laboring over hanging icicle lights or fighting with tangled big bulbs, you probably have an idea of where you’d really like to stick them. Instead, make them stick where they are supposed to. Grab a hot glue gun and dab some glue on your bricks or other safe surface. Allow it to cool slightly before pressing the cord into the glue. You’ll prevent them from kinking and twisting up and create the exact look you were going for.

Glitz Up Rooms With Ease

If your living or dining room isn’t looking as festive as you’d like, pick up some Christmas bulbs. Fill a cloche, bowl or vase with the leftover ornaments for an elegant holiday look in moments.

Get Your Home Decorated With No Effort

Holiday Home Decorating Hacks to Reduce Stress and Add GlitzWould you really rather sit back and put your feet up with a holiday drink by the fire than decorate your home? Well, you can! We at Errand Works offer a stress-free holiday decorating service. Give us a call to schedule a time for us to come handle your decorating, and we will:

  • Assemble your tree
  • Fluff and shape the branches
  • Unpack your decor from last year
  • Hang interior lights
  • Decorate per your instructions
  • Set an appointment for complete take-down
  • Provide careful packaging in preparation for next year

Call soon, as dates are quickly filling!


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