Host a Wicked Good Halloween Party

halloween_cookiesThe best parties often have a theme, and what better theme to use than Halloween? If you’re ready to throw the best Halloween bash ever, it’s time to get planning!

Party Details

First you’ll need to decide who you are planning a party for. Will it be a family affair, or are you looking for an adult-only event? Choose your attendees and then choose the date and time. How will you notify your guests? Will you go green and use eVite, or are you in the mood for creative paper invitations? And will you require costumes for entry? Don’t forget to add a date by which they need to RSVP. This helps greatly with planning!

Party Decorations

Halloween is one of the easiest holidays and party themes to decorate for. A trip to a home décor shop, Target or a dollar store yields lots of options for festive decorating! Add some fake spider webs and spiders to your wall art throughout the house and your family photos. Try orange and black streamers in the food room with spiders dangling down. Perhaps you need several carved jack-o-lanterns and a motion-activated prop by the door to “greet” your guests!

If you’re on a budget, don’t forget to search inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas on Pinterest. With a little extra time and planning, you can make some of the most creative decorations around. And simple touches can make big differences. Try swapping out a few of your regular light bulbs with black lights and lighting candles instead of using overhead lighting.

Party Food

Halloween parties are typically laid back affairs. Keep your food fun and simple. Think heavy hors d’oeuvres and finger foods. Pinterest is a great source for food ideas, as well. With a little extra effort, deviled eggs can become creepy eyeballs, and pigs in blankets can be tweaked to resemble amputated fingers or even mummies – gross, but fun! And find a recipe you like for a wicked potion (aka punch.) A punch bowl with some Halloween brew makes for a lovely centerpiece, too!

Costumes and Fun

Whether or not you ask for costumes, you’ll likely have a few people who don’t wish to partake. Offer them some fun options at the party. You can provide a container of photo booth props, setting up your guests for some fantastic photos. How about some cat ears or sets of vampire teeth? Fun glasses, clown noses and stick-on mustaches all add some fun and silliness to your event.

Will you play games? If you’re including children, games are a must. Bean bag tosses, pass the pumpkin, musical chairs and other traditional games work well. Adults can be harder to draw in. Consider charades or Pictionary, scavenger hunts or even a murder mystery game.

Plan Your Planning

So you’ve mapped out who you want to invite, what you want to serve and how you want to decorate. Now it’s time to go through each detail and make lists. You’ll need a to-do list broken out into times you need to accomplish tasks. What do you need to do two weeks before, a week before and the day of? Then create a second list of everything you need to buy. Don’t forget to add all of your errands to your to-do list!

Throwing a party should be fun, but sometimes those details can overwhelm you. Errand Works offers errand-running services to simplify your life. We can pick up cakes, groceries or other needed items, or be available at your home to accept deliveries while you are out and about. Give us a call or email us to help you with your next event, so you can relax and enjoy the experience!