How to Organize Your Life and Melt Stress

organize, stress, calendarRunning a home is not a simple feat, and successfully doing so while working a full-time job and juggling a family can feel darn near impossible sometimes. There’s a lot of stress, and you have to organize everything. But there is hope! No more will you lay your head on the pillow only to realize you need to run to Walmart at midnight for cheese sticks, because they are the ONLY thing your daughter will eat at school. And you can say goodbye to waking up in the morning and finding your prescription bottle empty because you forgot to pick up the refill. Or possibly even better, that cat that’s circling your feet from the moment they hit the floor? You’ll never again have to face her wrath when you have no Fancy Feast to put in her bowl. Meow.

There IS a better way to live! We’ve got tips to help you wrangle your household calendar and get your life organized!

Tools of the Trade

First, you need a calendar system. There are wonderful paper planners out there and fantastic online tools, as well. Check out all the options for whole life planners available these days – Erin Condren, Passion Planner, momAgenda and more.

You can also keep it together digitally with tools like Cozi and Keep and Share. Set handy reminders so you’ll never forget what’s coming up tomorrow, in an hour…or in five minutes. And the bonus to using these online tools is you can share with your entire family — assign activities to certain family members and send THEM reminders for tasks and appointments, splitting the craziness of organizing your family.

Proper Planning

Once you decide upon an organizational system, get to work. Make a list of all soccer practices and games, dance classes, PTA meetings, appointments for elderly family members, classes, etc., and put them on the calendar. Then think about your errands and when you run them. Do you grocery shop on Monday? Pick up prescriptions on the third Wednesday of the month? What about dry cleaning, grooming trips and other odds and ends errands? Write it all down.

Take a hard look at your schedule. Are you doing too much? What could you could give up, or delegate to others? As kids get older and busier, it’s a great idea to make sure one or two nights a week you’re all home together. Sharing a meal or going for a walk allows time for connection. Have you made time for that?

Balancing Your Calendar

Many tasks you must do yourself. But your prescription and dry cleaning errands don’t require your presence. With a clear list, anyone can do the grocery shopping, and someone you trust could accompany Gram to her orthopedic appointment.

Just like running a successful company or department, much of juggling your home calendar is about delegating. You may delegate some things to your spouse or children, but they can’t handle your entire to–do list. That’s where we come in.

Errand Works is the key to simplifying your calendar — and your life. If you find that prescriptions need to be picked up on the same day as dance class and that soccer practice has taken over your grocery shopping and dog grooming day, we can help! Find your days where life is just a bit much, and let’s create an errand management system for your household. We can run here and there while you cherish time with your family. Can you feel your stress melting already? You’ll be amazed at the difference giving up a few tasks can make.

Contact Errand Works today for help organizing your home’s calendar. We’re here to help make life easier.