How Will You Celebrate Make a Difference Day?

How Will You Celebrate Make a Difference Day?We’ve all had days where we look around and ask ourselves, “What is this world coming to?” If you’ve been wanting to make a difference, we’ve got the perfect day for you to act — Oct. 27 is Make a Difference Day!

In our wonderful community, there are so many ways to make a difference, from joining forces with one of the many nonprofits and service agencies around to small acts of kindness in your own neighborhood. No matter how large or small your actions are, when we all team up together and strive to make a difference, it makes for a powerfully positive day.

Here are a few ideas to help you decide how to make a difference!

Make a Difference in Someone’s Health

If you decide that health will be your focus on Make a Difference Day, do a search for health-related charities. You may find walks or other special events you can sign up for or even charity wish lists you can buy items off of. You could donate blood or sign up to be an organ donor. Or perhaps Make a Difference Day is the day you sign up to be a volunteer in a cancer treatment facility to help make those going through treatment more comfortable.

Make a Difference for Seniors

This day is a great day to brighten the lives of seniors in our area. Is there an elderly neighbor whose yard could use a little sprucing up or someone who could use a home-cooked meal? Maybe you could simply share a cup of tea and allow a senior to tell some stories and reminisce. Those in long-term care facilities are often in need of friendly visits or would love to have a pet visit them. You could even sign up to be a volunteer at their weekly bingo game or provide manicures.

Make a Difference for Animals

How Will You Celebrate Make a Difference Day?Oh the furry, homeless animals in our community can always use some TLC! From dog walking at shelters or through rescues to donating supplies to the SPCA, our hearts always feel a little warmer after providing some comfort to our furry friends.

Make a Difference for Children

If working with kids always puts a smile on your face, there are plenty in need of your time and services. Fill backpacks with weekend meals for children in need through a food bank. Sign up to be a mentor for a big brother or sister. Become a mentor to a child who could really use a positive influence in his or her life.

Make a Difference for the Homeless

Homeless shelters can always use an extra hand sorting donations or serving meals. Or you can create your own care packages to donate to a shelter or to people you see on the street.

However you celebrate this day, we hope that finding a few moments for service brings you satisfaction and a feeling of being connected to our community. We know your actions will bring smiles to the faces of those you serve.

And if we can help with your everyday errands while you’re making a difference, let us know. Your first hour of service is free!


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