Melanie Johnson — Our Employee of the Month!

MelanieMelanie Johnson is Errand Works’ employee of the month for May! Melanie has worked as an errand runner since November 2015, and this company couldn’t be happier with her performance. She exemplifies the values of Errand Works in every job she does. Whether it’s a fully planned week of errands or a last minute run of papers to the courthouse, she handles everything professionally and on time.

Melanie lives in Haymarket, Virginia, and at the beginning of each week, Owner Jennifer Wellington touches base with her about upcoming appointments and errands. From the beginning, Melanie has been easy to work with, as she had plenty of driving experience upon coming to the company. Melanie used to work as an assistant manager for Dominos and is used to mapping driving routes for efficiency. Planning for traffic flow and the most direct routes ensures she gets to places a little bit early.

Melanie has serviced Woodbridge, Warrenton, Bristow, Gainesville, Arlington and Lake Ridge, and has done a large amount of work for the Heritage Hunt 55+ community. She’s tackled early morning traffic from Arlington to Maryland twice a week, so there’s little she can’t handle!

So how does Melanie get matched with clients? Jennifer takes the calls and finds out as much as she can about each situation. She provides insight to Melanie to help her get to know them before she even meets them. Errand Works’ goal is to make each service personal and deliver exactly what the client wants. Melanie helps meet that goal every time.

Melanie runs a variety of errands for the company. She does grocery shopping for clients, always close to their homes to ensure she gets the items on their lists and delivers items at the appropriate temperature. David A. from Woodbridge said, “Melanie is doing a great job finding the items I want from many different stores and restaurants…and she loves my kitties.”

Melanie came to the company used to taking her mother to doctors’ appointments, so she was well-suited for this task, as well. When accompanying seniors to appointments, she helps them in and out of the car, pushes wheelchairs, assists with paperwork as needed and makes sure they are not alone.

“I do pretty simple things, and the seniors know what to ask. A lot of times they’ve had nurses or helpers, so they know what they need,” said Melanie.

Melanie provides the peace of mind that families need to know their elderly loved ones aren’t going out on their own.

Melanie also provides frequent rides to the airport for people going on business trips or vacation, along with other tasks. “I love knowing there is a need and we can help people fulfill that need,” Melanie said. “There are a lot of people who don’t have many family members or friends in area. They need someone to help them with little things.”

Barbara M. from Gainesville said, “Melanie is such a blessing, and I appreciate her finding a good car wash to get my car cleaned. I am new to the area and did not know where to go.”

There clearly is a need for Melanie and other errand runners. New moms, seniors, working parents and more have taken advantage of Errand Works’ service. Mike from Woodbridge, who needed assistance when he was having surgery, said about her, “Melanie was fantastic! Patient, professional, accommodating, compassionate and a great driver! I could not have asked for a less stress filled experience, which I have no doubt assisted with my relaxed state of mind prior to my procedure. For that, I thank both you (i.e., Errand Works) and Melanie.”

Lee T. from Warrenton said, “You have a gem in Melanie.”

What is Melanie’s advice to those who can never seem to find enough hours in the day or just need some extra assistance? “Learn to ask for help. Sometimes there are just too many things to finish and not enough hands to do it.”

Congratulations, Melanie! We’re proud to have you on the Errand Works team!