Month of Love and Beyond: Improving Relationships

Month of Love and Beyond: Improving RelationshipsIn this month of love, we find ourselves focusing on relationships. It’s easy in our busy lives to let the people we love take a back seat to the everyday bustle. February is a great time to start a commitment to making them a priority again.

Whether you’re focusing on relationships with a significant other, a sibling, children, parents or friends, think back to a time when that relationship was at its best. What was different? What things could you bring back into the relationship to make it strong and vibrant again? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Make Time to Play

Play isn’t just for kids. Finding time to have fun together is essential for all the relationships in your life. Schedule time for fun into your calendar. Take your kids bowling or to the arcade. Take your significant other roller skating or geocaching. Go play bingo or succeed in an escape room with your parents. You’ll be building bonds and making memories.

Focus on Communication

Write weekly notes or letters to those you love. Leave a sweet note in your wife’s car. Schedule nightly time to connect as a family and share three things that made each of you happy that day. Send texts during the day to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them.

Bring Back Surprises

Nothing sparks love and fun in relationships like surprises, and you really don’t have to spend a dime. Share a poem, slip reminders of past special memories into their days, or go all out and plan a getaway to reconnect!

Commit to Date Night

Month of Love and Beyond: Improving RelationshipsWith kids, work and everything else, it’s easy to let months go by without a date night. Vow not to let that happen. Schedule regular date nights and try new places together. Can’t get out at night? How about a day date? You could visit local wineries or breweries, go shopping or head out for a hike.

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