Navigating NOVA Traffic: Tips and Tricks to Tackle it Like a Pro

Navigating NOVA Traffic: Tips and Tricks to Tackle it Like a ProWhen you mention Northern Virginia to most anyone, despite our wonderful schools, museums and night life, the first thing they are likely to think of is the traffic. And it’s a fair point; we DO have some serious traffic in our parts. If you’re newer to the area or could just use some new ideas to help you maneuver throughout our area, check out these tips and resources.

Plan Ahead to Beat NOVA Traffic

The best advice anyone from Northern Virginia can give you is to plan ahead. Check a traffic app or a local news page before you go ANYWHERE. Yep, even before you head to the grocery store. Apps and websites can help you find the shortest route to your destination. Many, like Waze, will even present you with several options.

You can also stay on top of the latest construction projects by visiting VDOT’s Northern Virginia Projects page. And don’t forget to check out the latest road closures, as well.

Be a Smart Commuter in NOVA

Planning occasional trips through our area is a whole different ballgame than navigating the roads as a daily commuter. As a commuter, you’re likely best pals with your traffic app and know quite a few back roads to help you get around. But check out for ways to shake up your commute — car free!

On those days when you’d rather be productive while sitting in hours of traffic — or just take a nap — look in to ridesharing. Commuter Connections Ridesharing Program could hook you up with others like you in the area. Save money, meet new people and add some productivity to your commute. They even offer a Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

Do you have an E-ZPass yet? For days when you just can’t spend the hours in traffic, hop over into the express lanes on I-95 and significantly decrease your commute time!

Navigating NOVA Traffic: Tips and Tricks to Tackle it Like a ProAnother way to skip the endless lanes of traffic is to travel by rail instead. Amtrak features stops through Northern Virginia. You can also easily access the Virginia Railway Express, or VRE. VRE provides commuter-oriented rail service from the Northern Virginia suburbs to Alexandria, Crystal City and downtown Washington, D.C. Sit back and relax with this faster, affordable option.

Avoid NOVA Traffic Altogether

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