Organize Your Garage Once and for All

Garage beforeGarage afterWhat is it about garages that seem to invite clutter? You spend an entire weekend cleaning out and straightening up, only to turn around and discover that the space is back in the condition it started. Garages are those spaces where you find the broken vacuum cleaner that hasn’t quite made it to the dump, the pile of clothes you’re waiting for the perfect person to donate to and the mountain of sports equipment and jerseys still sitting from last week’s game. These spaces are wide open, used by all and easily cluttered. So how do you stop it? Here is our game plan for creating the garage you want.

Create Piles — Intentionally!

Your first step is to sort everything into three piles — keep, toss and donate. Touch everything in your garage and place it in one of these three piles or areas. Get rid of the throw away stuff with a trip to the dump and run by a charity to donate the rest. When you return, you’re left with just the items you want to keep. Still overwhelmed? Here’s what’s next.

Create Your Layout

Your next task is to decide where everything will go. Try first sorting items into categories which will become certain areas of your garage. Some categories may include:

  • Tools
  • Painting
  • Sports/recreation
  • Lawn and garden
  • Cleaning

Next, draw a floorplan of your space and decide where you want items. Would you like cleaning supplies closest to the door into the house for convenience? Can you store certain things up high because you rarely use them? Draw out your plan.

Maximize Your Space

For many, possessions just seem to line the floor of the garage. This is frustrating if you’re trying to create an open, organized space. Here are our best garage organizational tips:

  • Use your walls and ceiling. Big items take up a lot of floor space, so get them off the floor! Buy peg boards and hooks for storing tools and ladders on the walls. Hang your spreader and weed eater too! Buy bike-hanging kits that use pulleys for easily hanging bikes from the ceiling. Voila! That gives you a chunk of your floor space back already!
  • Create a storage system. Pinterest is full of ideas on how to create storage systems on the ceiling using tracks and plastic storage bins. If you have lots of items you want to keep but don’t access often, do a search and see what you come up with! Depending on the layout of your garage, you may also be able to build a loft-like area with plywood and store beach umbrellas, tents and other less-frequently uses items.
  • Try cabinets, not shelves. It may be worth it to invest in some Rubbermaid cabinets. Oftentimes it’s easier to keep things in their place in cabinets versus shelves, which invite everyone to set down items rather than taking the time to put them in their correct spot.
  • Create a mudroom area. Designate an area near the door as your mud area. Buy an inexpensive shoe rack, place a mat and offer some hooks for dirty clothing. Now you’ll have a spot for those muddy uniforms.

As you create the garage of your dreams, Errand Works is here to help. We can make your day easier by running those items to Goodwill, picking up the storage items you need to create your tidy space or running other errands to allow you time to focus on organization. We can even help you organize your garage! Contact us to book a time today. We’re here to simplify and maximize your life.