How to Plan and Pull Off the Perfect Valentine’s Day

How to Plan and Pull Off the Perfect Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is almost here! Some people love it, some people hate it, but almost everyone feels some pressure to get it right! This year, you don’t have to feel alone; Errand Works is here to help. We’ve got great ideas for perfect celebrations and the services to help you seamlessly make them happen. You can easily make this the best Valentine’s Day yet for you and your sweetheart.

Weekend Escape

Does escaping to the mountains, shore or New York City sound like the perfect celebration to you? Getting away with your significant other can provide much needed time to connect and celebrate each other without everyday hassles distracting you.

Decide where you want to go and book your reservations. Then give us a call to help you get ready! You may have dry cleaning to take care of before you can pack. Our personal assistants can drop it up, pick it up and return it to you. Perhaps you can’t find time to do that personal gift shopping. Give us a call, and we can handle it for you, gift wrapping and all. What if you’re expecting a package or repairman while you plan to be away? Our home waiting services have you covered. We can be there when you can’t. We can also provide away from home services, such as bringing in mail, watering plants, delivering welcome home groceries or any surprise for your sweetie that you want.

A Day at the Spa and a Relaxing Night at Home

How to Plan and Pull Off the Perfect Valentine’s DayPerhaps your Valentine would prefer a slower, quieter celebration as opposed to jet setting off to another city. Book a day at the spa — for both of you or just your sweetie. What’s better than a full day of relaxation? Coming home to a clean home with no daily chores to do and a perfect night with you. While you and/or your Valentine relax at the spa, Errand Works can buy groceries for you to prepare a home-cooked meal, deliver them and put them away. We can take care of pharmacy drop-offs and pick-ups, make post office and bank runs, and much more. Clear off your household to-do list to free yourselves up for a quiet night of connection.

Date Night on the Town

Perhaps it’s been a while since you had a true date night. Make reservations for dinner. Choose your movie, and we can buy your tickets to ensure you’re seats are saved. We can pick up some sweet surprises for you to present throughout the evening, and handle yours and your sweetheart’s dry cleaning, so you’re ready to hit the town. Lastly, we can take your car for maintenance and to a full-service car wash, so you’ll head out on your date in style.

So, which one will it be — a weekend getaway, day at the spa and evening at home, or a date night on the town? No matter your choice, our personal assistants are here to help you pull it off. Give us a call today to schedule. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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