Prepare Your Dog (and Yourself) for a Trip to the Groomer

dogWe can make life easier on our pets, just like we can on our children, by preparing them for new experiences. Some pets get anxious around new people and in new environments. If you plan to take your dog to a groomer or ask us to do it, there are things you can do to make that trip easier and less stressful for everyone. Here are our best tips.

Preparing Your Dog

What can you do to help your dog get ready to be groomed? Try some of these tips and start them as early as possible. If you begin them when your dog is a puppy, it will seem like a normal occurrence instead of being stressful and foreign.

  • Do basic grooming at home. Don’t let the groomer be the first place your dog is brushed or bathed. Try an easy bath at home so your pup is used to the feeling. And brush your dog regularly. In addition to preparing him for the groomer, it’s also additional handling time and strengthens your bond.
  • Check ears. Most vets recommend regular ear cleaning, so help your dog get used to the task. You can buy specific ear cleaners or wipe the outer area with a damp cloth. Try massaging the tips of the ears to help your dog relax and learn to enjoy the experience.
  • Play with their feet. Even if you never intend to clip your dog’s nails at home, be sure to handle his/her feet. It’s very common for dogs to avoid their paws being touched. Use massage to encourage your dog to allow it. If you do clip your dog’s nails, be sure to follow safety guidelines

Preparing Yourself

While you probably won’t need someone to play with your feet or clean your ears to prepare you for the visit, there are some tasks you can check off to make yourself more comfortable with the arrangement.

  • Research groomers. Ask for references from friends or read online reviews. Be sure to call each groomer and ask any questions you might have. Actually speaking to someone before making your decision can give you a better feel for the atmosphere of the company. Feel free to stop in without your dog to see the facilities beforehand. A good groomer will know you want the best for your pet and should be open to your visit.
  • Communicate your expectations. Let your groomer know what you expect. Specify all treatments you want and any special instructions. Let the groomer know if your dog reacts negatively to any of them so the groomer can be prepared.
  • Stay calm. If you are worried and anxious about your dog heading to the groomers, you better believe Fido will pick up on it. Animals are very sensitive to our emotions. Try to relax and believe that it will be a positive experience. Be sure to make a quick exit to show that all is well. Lingering goodbyes can be more stressful.

Getting your pets groomed and keeping them well cared for are important to you. If you find it hard to squeeze in the trips to the groomer or vet, contact us! Errand Works will provide drop-off and pick-up services for pets weighing 25 pounds or less.