Save Time in the Kitchen With These Secrets

Save Time in the Kitchen With These SecretsAdmit it. How often do you find yourself staring into the refrigerator at 5 p.m. wondering what you’re going to make for dinner? We’ve all been there. Life gets overwhelming and you’re so grateful to have made it through the hectic day, only to get home and realize that dinner might be chaos, too.

You can change that. Make dinner a smooth, well-thought-out, healthy daily experience with these time-saving ideas. Employ a few of them and you’ll at least be able to count on one part of the day going smoothly!

Ace the Planning

Apply Some Kitchen Hacks

  • Use chopped frozen veggies. Just open and pour instead of laboring over getting those pieces of onion tiny enough!
  • If you don’t want to use frozen foods, check out the produce section for fresh prepped veggies. You can find stir fry mixes, cubed butternut squash and even zoodles! (That’s zucchini noodles, in case you haven’t tried those delicious pasta substitutes.)
  • Buy pre-washed greens and use them straight out of the bag.
  • Opt for canned beans instead of soaking dried ones overnight.
  • Go for quick-cooking grains. Again, don’t feel bad if you don’t have time to soak and cook for ages. There are some great, healthy alternatives that take half the time.
  • Invest in an Instant Pot. This time-saving creation slashes cook times by more than half in many cases. You can do meat, veggies and grains.

Shop Like a Celebrity

  • Do you think celebrities spend hours a week in the grocery store searching for that obscure ingredient they need for Wednesday’s dinner? Definitely not, and you don’t have to either! Choose your favorite store, use their online ordering option and simply swing buy and pick up your groceries! You don’t even have to set foot in the store!
  • And if you REALLY want to save time, have Errand Works pick those groceries up for you, deliver them to your home and unpack them.

Save Time in the Kitchen With These SecretsSnag a few or all of these tips, and you’ll be serving up healthy meals every night of the week without breaking out in a cold sweat. You’ve got this.

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