Other Services

If you need something not listed on our site, please ask. We do our best to meet your needs, as long as requests are moral, legal and ethical.

Errand Works was created by Jennifer Wellington, the mother of Katie, her 30-year-old daughter with special needs.  Jennifer has experienced first-hand the difficulty of getting everything done, especially when tasks require leaving home.  She set out to create a solution for people in many seasons of life, including those who are looking for part-time employment in the community.

Errand Works saves you time and money by eliminating impulse buys.  We enable you to plan ahead, avoiding last second purchases which are often more expensive, especially when you are tired and hungry or accompanied by cranky children.  Errand Works can help you avoid many of these stressful situations, letting you achieve the quality of life you have only imagined.  Contact Us now so we can begin helping you.

Errand Works is licensed and insured in the State of Virginia.  All errand runners must pass a Virginia State Criminal Background Check prior to employment.