Serving Area Seniors

Serving Area SeniorsWhile Errand Works was designed to serve everyone in our community, we have a special place in our heart — and our services list — for seniors. We spoke with seniors, and those who care for them, and asked the question “What services would benefit you most?” From there, we developed an extensive list of ways we could be of service to the elderly in our community. Whether you are a senior yourself or are caring for an elderly family member or friend, our services were designed to simplify your life.

Appointment Companions

You never want Mom or Dad to head to an appointment on their own. Many elderly loved ones simply cannot physically get themselves to their appointments, and when they get there it can be completely overwhelming. Listening to instructions, filling out paperwork and finding their way are just a few of the challenges seniors face. And we know that loved ones cannot always get off of work to accompany family members to each appointment. We designed our appointment companion service so we can be there for your loved ones when you can’t. Appointment companions provide:

  • Comfortable transportation to and from appointments
  • Assistance in and out of the car and to and from the office
  • Help with paperwork and insurance information
  • Support during the appointment, including help understanding doctors’ orders and setting the next appointment
  • Prescription pick up on the way home
  • Conversation and reassurance throughout their time together

Give your loved one, and yourself, the peace of mind of having someone there to support them when you can’t.

Grocery Shopping

Serving Area SeniorsSometimes you just need a little help with the groceries. Errand Works will take your list, complete the shopping and even put away groceries for seniors. Taking this weekly task off of your hands can save an abundance of time and stress. And for family members, knowing their loved one has food and balanced nutrition is a great relief!

General Errand Runners

If you or someone you know could use a little stress relief, consider lightening their weekly errands load. Many seniors we know just can’t make it out to all the places they need to each week and it feels like too much to ask their families to do. Instead, they call us! We can drop off and pick up prescriptions, handle dry cleaning, help with auto care appointments, drop pets at the groomer, shop for gifts and more. If life is just a little too much, Errand Works can help you simplify it. This service is great for seniors in assisted living facilities, too!


We love to serve the seniors in our area! Before that next appointment or trying to juggle it all for another week, give us a call. We’ll set up a custom errand management system for you. Our dedicated employees will provide you the confidence and assistance you or your loved one needs, while giving you peace of mind.

Errand Works, LLC, is licensed, bonded and insured. Every errand runner must pass a Virginia State Criminal Background Check prior to being hired. In addition, each errand runner is a Virginia State Notary. Errand Works currently serves Prince William County, Fauquier County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County and the surrounding areas.