How to Spring Clean Like Your Grandma

How to Spring Clean Like Your GrandmaAre we the only ones who have vivid memories of Granny’s spring cleaning rituals? Beating the dust out of rugs, moving furniture like it was her job, finding and eliminating every dust bunny in the house and sweeping the front porch like she was going to whisk you away with the dirt! All of this in preparation for spring and part of a superb home cleaning maintenance system. In recent years, more and more of us work, spend half our lives carting our children to their various activities and running errands for everyone in the home. It’s no small chore to keep up with cleaning your home in addition to all this, much less performing deep spring cleaning!

But we’ve got a plan for you to spruce up each room of your home to welcome in spring without devoting weeks to the tasks. Pick a room each day, and you’ll be done before you know it. You really can tackle this like Granny!

Living Areas

When spring cleaning the living room, den, studies, etc., first clear your surfaces. Throw away magazines you’ll never read and return everything that doesn’t belong in the room to its rightful home. Dust all surfaces — with a cloth and polish. Surfaces include all furniture, mantles, chair rails, baseboards, lamp shades, fireplace screens and more. Get the cobwebs out of the corners with a high-reaching duster, and hit the ceiling fan blades and blinds with that same duster. Now turn to the floors, move every piece of furniture and vacuum, and if there are hardwoods in your room, give them a good cleaning and polish, too. Take down fixture globes and wash them with soap and water. Lastly, wash or dry clean those drapes!


How to Spring Clean Like Your GrandmaApproach the bedrooms much like the living areas in regard to dusting and vacuuming. But in these rooms, fully strip the beds and wash everything — yes, even the dust ruffle. Flip all mattresses. Again, wash the curtains. Tidy the closets and vacuum and dust in there, too! Switch winter clothes and donate things that haven’t been worn in a year or that you no longer care for. You’ll be amazed at the space in your closet!


Oh, the dreaded bathrooms. But think of the germs you’ll be ridding from your home! Get some good disinfectant surface cleaner and go to town on your sink, tub, shower and toilet – inside and out, from top to bottom. Here’s a great tip for sprucing up your toilets, especially if you have boys. Scrub your baseboards and floor until they shine. Wash all rugs and bath mats, wash or replace the shower curtain liner, and wipe down light switches. Lastly, pull down your fixture globes and give them a good scrub.


How to Spring Clean Like Your GrandmaStart with the most dreaded of all chores — the refrigerator. Empty everything out, remove shelves and give them a good washing/scrub. Put a new box of baking soda in there to keep it fresh. Take everything off your counters and wash them down. Turn the oven on to auto clean, and drop some baking soda and vinegar in the dishwasher and run it empty to freshen it up. Wipe down the fronts of all cabinets, and empty drawers and wipe out. Under the sink, go through your cleaners and throw out anything that’s expired. Now give the floor and baseboards the royal treatment, and you’ll be done!

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