How to Tackle Your To-Do List This Holiday Season Without Losing Your Mind

How to Tackle Your To-Do List This Holiday Season Without Losing Your Mind

The holidays are headed our way and with this season comes a lot of extra errands…and stress. There will be gifts to pick out, ingredients to purchase, party décor to plan and buy, and the list goes on and on. If you’re hosting the family festivities, your list may be even longer than most! Errand Works can help you slow down and enjoy the holiday season by helping you tackle that to-do list.

Party Preparation

If you’re planning a holiday meal, open house or any family gathering this season, you know how much work goes into planning and preparing. You’ll be decorating, grocery shopping and cooking or picking up catered foods, handling RSVPs, buying gifts and cleaning. It’s no small task! At Errand Works, we specialize in working behind the scenes to help you prepare for your guests.

If you need cakes and pies picked up from the bakery, we’ve got you covered. If your outfit for the evening needs to be picked up at the dry cleaner’s, we’re there. If you just can’t get to the grocery store and get all your cleaning done, we can do the shopping for you, deliver the items and even put them away. With a little help, you’ll have your to-do list all crossed off and your home party ready in no time! (And just in case you miss anything, we’re also available for last-minute, pre-event errands. We’ve got your back!)

Senior Shopping

Seniors are filled with the same joy of the season as the rest of us, but some face unique challenges this time of the year. If you don’t drive, it makes it hard to get your errands done. And if your normal chauffer is the one you’re buying for, it can really take the surprise and fun out of giving gifts! Many of our seniors also have mobility challenges and use assistive devices like walkers and wheelchairs to get around. These can pose challenges in stores, leaving seniors needing assistance with pushing carts or navigating through narrow aisles.

Errand Works loves to support our local seniors. Our errand runners can take them out to all the stores they wish to peruse. We’ll pick them up, drive from store to store, assist them in and out of the car and accompany them as they do their shopping. We can even stop by a gift-wrapping booth at one of the local malls to complete their gift-giving tasks all at once. Our errand runners are compassionate and understand seniors’ unique needs, so you can count on us to treat them right!

Holiday Shopping

Seniors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from our shopping services! If you have specific gifts you need purchased this holiday season, we can do the shopping for you. Simply describe the item in detail, tell us where to find it and we’ll deliver it to your home. It couldn’t be any easier! We can hit any of the local malls (Manassas Mall, Fair Oaks Mall, Virginia Gateway, and Potomac Mills), specialty shops or big box stores – you name the destination. Want your item gift wrapped? Just say the word!

Errand Works is here every day of the year to simplify your life. This holiday season is the perfect time to give us a call; allow us to reduce your stress while you soak in a little more of the holiday goodness. You can feel confident using Errand Works. We run a Virginia State Criminal History Check on all of our runners, and all are bonded and insured. Contact us today to start checking items off your list! With Errand Works, you won’t have to check that list twice!