Time Management Tips for People With No Time

time managementYoung, old, working parents, stay at home moms — one thing they all seem to have in common is the feeling that there is never enough time to get everything done. You can go, go, go all day long, yet somehow, your to-do list never ends. (Don’t have a to-do list? You should, but we’ll get to that later.)

While it may seem there are not enough hours in the day, the secret may simply be in adjusting how you use those hours. We’ve got time management tips for those with no time. Read on.

Time Management Tip #1: Keep Lists

Yep. We mean multiple lists. Start with a list of everything you need to get done. On a daily basis, pull out the items that must be accomplished that day and create a new, smaller list. Create an additional list for items that have to happen sometime during the week, and start a third list for long-term projects. Each day, start fresh with your daily list, and every Sunday, reformulate your weekly to-do list. You’ll find it’s much easier to focus and is less overwhelming to face a shorter list each day and accomplish everything on it. You’ll feel like a rock star. Really.

Time Management Tip #2: Prioritize

Is it more important that you get your child to the doctor to keep her up to date on vaccinations or respond to your Facebook messages? OK, well that’s an easy one, but the point is, you need to prioritize and take care of the most important things first each day. Sure you’d love to get your front flower bed planted, but if your teenager needs to take his SATs or your kindergartner needs to get registered for school, the flowers will have to wait. Bump that task on over to the weekly….or maybe the long-term project list. We know how it goes.

Time Management Tip #3: Set Boundaries

This is also known as “learning to say ‘No.’” Many of us want to help in every way and experience everything. You may even thrive on the feeling of being busy. But too much can lead to stress, agitation with others and the inability to complete tasks to the best of your ability. Choose those tasks you really want or need to do, and do them well. Stop over stretching yourself.

Time Management Tip #4: Delegate

You can and should ask people for help! Your hubby, despite what he might say, IS capable of grocery shopping now and then. And while you probably don’t want your 5-year-old mowing the grass, he or she could help sort socks, fold towels or take out the recycling. The point is, you don’t have to do it all yourself. If you are able, consider hiring help when it’s appropriate. Companies are available for yard work, house cleaning and errand running. Use the resources that will help you manage your life!

At Errand Works, we know managing time is not an easy task and that it’s different for everyone. We’re proud to be a local resource for clients who need help taking care of time consuming details. Anything from shopping to getting the car washed to waiting around for the cable guy – we’re there for you. For information on our services, contact us! We’re here to make your life simpler.