Welcome to Motherhood!

new momsSo your new bundle of joy is here! She’s really here…and you’re beginning to realize what motherhood means. Of course it means endless snuggles (that head that is so sniffable) and sweet fingers and toes to kiss all day long. But motherhood also means you haven’t had a stretch of sleep longer than 3 hours in a month and you may or may not be wearing the same shirt you put on two days ago….with spit up on both shoulders. You can no longer pretend it isn’t there. Maybe it’s time for a little help?

If the grandparents have come and gone, and you’re finding that doing it all on your own is completely overwhelming, Errand Works can help. We understand the challenges that new moms face, and we love to help out. Here are just a few things we can do to make life more manageable for you.

Grocery shopping? You’re kidding, right?

Sometimes running a marathon can seem an easier feat than getting out the door with a dressed and diapered newborn. You can choose to skip the dreaded errand of grocery shopping and have us do it instead. You provide us with your list, and we delivery groceries right to your door. We’ll even put them away if baby’s occupying both of your hands. And while we’re doing that shopping for you, you might want to steal a few minutes to wash your shirt….just a suggestion. But no judgment if you just can’t muster it yet.

The garage is no place for a baby.

I’ll let you in on a little secret — even experienced moms don’t want to lug their children to auto care shops. It’s just not fun. Stay at home and snuggle; we’ll take your car in for regular maintenance or to the car wash to get the latest round of spit up out of the back seat.

No offense, Fido, but…

No matter how much you love your pets, when that new baby arrives, she tends to take center stage. But you can make sure your pets are still receiving all the care they need. Errand Works can drop off and pick up your fur babies from the vet, so you can avoid juggling your precious baby while tangled in the dog’s leash from head to toe. It’s just not a hazard you need to risk. And if Fido is just a little extra odiferous….we can handle the trip to the groomers, too.

It’s the little things.

Adjusting to life with a new baby takes time. And sometimes as we’re adjusting things sneak up on us. Perhaps you were supposed to buy birthday gifts for your twin nephews’ 4th birthday party this weekend, and the baby has a fever. Errand Works can pick up two super tough Tonka trucks along with the monster truck gift bags to put them in. Or perhaps you need prescriptions picked up or your husband’s dry cleaning dropped off? No problem; we can do that, too.

Errand Works strives to simplify your life as a new mom. Give us a call to discuss a one-time service or a complete errand management system to smooth out your days and make your precious time with your newborn stress free. We can’t do anything about the bodily fluids, crying or sleepless nights, but we can take care of the rest.

After two decades of owning a medical transcription business, overseeing the household while her husband was deployed and managing the care of their special needs daughter, including hiring, training and scheduling multiple caregivers, Jennifer became aware of skills she had developed which would benefit others.

Jennifer has lived in Nokesville for over 20 years with her husband, Kurt, who is retired from the Coast Guard and in his 11th year of teaching middle school science in Prince William County. Their special-needs daughter, Katie, who is 28 years old, continues to live with them, with the help of several caregivers. Church and family are very important to them, as is reaching out to others.